Pauline Lubens


      I worked as a photojournalist for almost thirty years and much of my work was self-generated documentary photojournalism, focussing on individuals whose daily struggles breathed life into statistics and current events..

        My work took me inside the lives of people who granted me that privilege.  I brought a passion to my work, whether covering international stories in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia and Cuba, or in my own community.

        I photographed and wrote about the personal impact of war.

        I focused on stories about aging.

        I was always drawn to stories about public health issues.

        I loved to photograph ballet.

        I loved to photograph the rock formations of the American southwest.

        If it was compelling, I was eager to capture it.

        After the war in Iraq began in 2003 I focused on covering the personal impact of war. I travelled twice to Iraq to cover the impact of the conflict on civilians. After my second trip in 2004, I focused much of my coverage on the impact of war on people who lived in my community -- wounded soldiers, those with PTSD, military families, Iraqi refugees, and activists on both sides of the war.

        At some point I began to listen to that voice within that had been telling me for years “you should do more.” I         wanted to embark on a new career that would allow me to be more hands on as an advocate in a way that journalism would not allow. So I made the decision to purse a Master of Public Health (MPH). My focus has been on how war impacts public health.

        I always treasured the power of photojournalism and documentary photography to inspire others to alleviate suffering and to take action to make the world a better place. But now I want to be the one who takes that action, inspired not only by my own work in the past,  but by the people whose lives left indelible imprints on me. I hope to combine the skills that made me a successful photojournalist - my research, communication, interview, advocacy, and storytelling skills as well as my strength in framing issues - with my new technical and qualitative public health expertise.

        I was born in New York City, raised in Dayton, Ohio, and graduated from the University of Michigan in 1977 with a bachelor’s degree in history. In May I’ll graduate from the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health with an MPH.

        One of the wonderful things about being a photojournalist was that I covered a wide range of stories - from the impact of tragedy to the joy of dance. It took me on a journey to a world that I could never even dream about when I started my career.  I’ll always be grateful for that.




Pulitzer Prize finalist twice -  2004 for a team entry covering the California recall election and in 992 for a

                                        team entry  documenting the U.S. visit of Nelson Mandela

2008        1st Place, Multimedia News Story and Essay; Pictures of the Year International

2007        1st Place, Multimedia Package, Smaller Websites, National Press Photographers Association,

                                        Best of Photojournalism

                Honorable Mention, Feature Picture Story, BOP

                Award of Excellence, Multimedia Feature Story or Essay, POYi    

2003        Daily Photojournalism, Society of Professional Journalists, Northern California Chapter  

2002        1st Place, Editing Division, Multiple Page News Story, POYi (team entry)

                3rd Place, 30th Annual San Francisco Bay Area Press Photographers Association,

                                        Photographer of the Year

Other national and regional awards, including twice named Michigan Photographer of the Year                            


                                        Staff Photojournalist, San Jose Mercury News; San Jose, California

                                                ●  Emphasizing documentary photojournalism, whether on

                                                    projects, or daily news and features.

                                                ●  Have covered the war in Iraq twice for former-parent company

                                                    Knight Ridder, focussing primarily on the war’s impact on civilians.

                                                ●  Have also worked regularly as a picture editor.


                                          Contract Photographer, Orange County Register; Santa Ana, California

                                          Staff Photographer, Detroit Free Press, Detroit, Michigan

                                                ●  Concentrated on self-generated documentary photojournalism,

                                                    putting a human face on social issues and news stories, while

                                                    also covering daily news and features.

                                                ●  Covered stories regularly overseas - mostly in the Middle East - plus

                                                    in Japan, Cuba, China, Eastern Europe and southeast Asia.

                                                ●  Filled in regularly as a picture editor and assignment editor.

                                            Staff Photographer, Trenton Times; Trenton, New Jersey


                                       Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; MPH candidate; 2011

                                       University of Michigan; Ann Arbor, Michigan; BA in History


    1993-1994                    Knight-Wallace Journalism Fellow, University of Michigan; Ann Arbor, Michigan

                                                ● Studied Public Health, Public Policy, Spanish, Contemporary Literature

                                                    Eastern European History and Pottery during nine-month sabbatical program

                                                    for journalists.